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Electrical Characteristics

Supplier Part Number Part Series Fuse Type Size Clamping Voltage Working Voltage (Max) Typical Capacitance Value (1 MHz) Typical Capacitance 1 KHz (pF) Tolerance of Cap. Reel Qty Standard Package Status Package Type RoHS
MLV0402ES012V0010N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 60 12VDC 10 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES012V0100N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 12VDC 100 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES012V0022N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 12VDC 22 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES012V0033N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 12VDC 33 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES012V0005P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 80 12VDC 5 C (pF) 5~9 pF 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES012V0056N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 12VDC 56 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES024V00R8P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 200 24VDC 0.8 C (pF) 0.8~1.5 pF 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES024V02R5P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 198 24VDC 2.5 C (pF) 2~4 pF 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES024V0003N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 120 24VDC 3 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0010N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 60 5.5VDC 10 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0100N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 5.5VDC 100 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0022N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 5.5VDC 22 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0033N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 5.5VDC 33 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0005P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 76 5.5VDC 5 C (pF) 5~9 pF 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402ES005V0056N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0402 55 5.5VDC 56 C (pF) ±30 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0010N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 60 12VDC 10 C (pF) ?± 30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0100N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 12VDC 100 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0022N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 12VDC 22 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0033N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 12VDC 33 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0005P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 80 12VDC 5 C (pF) 5~9 pF 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES012V0056N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 12VDC 56 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES024V00R8P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 200 24VDC 0.8 C (pF) 0.8~1.5 pF 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES024V02R5P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 198 24VDC 2.5 C (pF) 2~4 pF 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES024V0003N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 120 24VDC 3 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0010N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 60 5.5VDC 10 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0100N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 5.5VDC 100 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0022N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 5.5VDC 22 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0033N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 5.5VDC 33 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0005P MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 76 5.5VDC 5 C (pF) 5~9 pF 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603ES005V0056N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0603 55 5.5VDC 56 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805ES005V0100N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0805 50 5.5VDC 100 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805ES005V0056N MLV ES Series ESD Protection 0805 50 5.5VDC 56 C (pF) ±30 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP1210SV390V0200 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 1210 647 320VDC 2000 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP1812SV470V0500 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 1812 775 385VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV390V0500 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 647 320VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV390V0800 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 647 320VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP3220SV430V0800 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 705 350VDC 1000 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV430V0500 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 705 350VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV430V0800 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 705 350VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV470V0800 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 775 385VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP3220SV470V0800 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 775 385VDC 1000 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
HSP2220SV470V0500 MLV HSP Series High Surge Protection 2220 775 385VDC 500 Tape and Reel Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA014V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 30 14VDC 1.2 C (pF) 1200 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA018V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 39 18VDC 0.78 C (pF) 780 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA022V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 44 22VDC 0.75 C (pF) 750 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA026V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 54 26VDC 0.7 C (pF) 700 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA030V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 65 30VDC 0.51 C (pF) 510 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206HA038V0200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1206 77 38VDC 0.44 C (pF) 440 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA014V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 30 14VDC 2 C (pF) 2000 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA018V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 39 18VDC 1.6 C (pF) 1600 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA022V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 44 22VDC 1.5 C (pF) 1500 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA026V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 54 26VDC 0.88 C (pF) 880 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA030V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 65 30VDC 0.8 C (pF) 800 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210HA038V0400 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1210 77 38VDC 0.53 C (pF) 530 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812HA018V0800 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1812 38 18VDC 3.5 C (pF) 3500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812HA030V0800 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1812 65 30VDC 2.35 C (pF) 2350 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812HA038V0800 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1812 77 38VDC 1.6 C (pF) 1600 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812HA045V0800 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 1812 90 45VDC 1.2 C (pF) 1200 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA014V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 30 14VDC 10.5 C (pF) 10500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA018V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 39 18VDC 8.5 C (pF) 8500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA022V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 44 22VDC 8.3 C (pF) 8300 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA030V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 65 30VDC 6 C (pF) 6000 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA038V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 77 38VDC 4 C (pF) 4000 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220HA045V1200 MLV HA Series High Surge Protection 2220 90 45VDC 3.5 C (pF) 3500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA014V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 30 14VDC 0.8 C (pF) 800 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA018V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 38 18VDC 0.62 C (pF) 620 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA022V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 44 22VDC 0.7 C (pF) 700 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA026V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 54 26VDC 0.48 C (pF) 480 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA030V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 65 30VDC 0.4 C (pF) 400 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA038V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 77 38VDC 0.26 C (pF) 260 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA045V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 90 45VDC 0.23 C (pF) 230 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA006V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 20 5.5VDC 3.1 C (pF) 3100 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA056V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 110 56VDC 0.2 C (pF) 200 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA065V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 135 65VDC 0.175 C (pF) 175 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1206NA085V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1206 65 85VDC 0.15 C (pF) 150 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA018V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 38 18VDC 1.15 C (pF) 1150 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA022V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 44 22VDC 1.72 C (pF) 1720 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA026V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 54 26VDC 0.61 C (pF) 610 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA030V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 65 30VDC 0.92 C (pF) 920 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA038V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 77 38VDC 0.78 C (pF) 780 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA045V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 90 45VDC 0.4 C (pF) 400 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA006V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 20 5.5VDC 5.2 C (pF) 5200 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA056V0250 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 110 56VDC 0.3 C (pF) 300 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1210NA085V0200 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1210 65 85VDC 0.21 C (pF) 210 2000 2000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812NA018V0500 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1812 38 18VDC 2 C (pF) 2000 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812NA030V0500 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1812 65 30VDC 2.5 C (pF) 2500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812NA038V0500 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1812 77 38VDC 2.2 C (pF) 2200 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV1812NA045V0500 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 1812 90 45VDC 1 C (pF) 1000 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220NA018V1000 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 2220 38 18VDC 8.5 C (pF) 8500 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220NA030V1000 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 2220 65 30VDC 3.9 C (pF) 3900 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220NA038V1000 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 2220 77 38VDC 4.6 C (pF) 4600 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV2220NA056V1000 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 2220 110 56VDC 4 C (pF) 4000 1000 1000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402NA011V0020 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0402 25 11VDC 0.075 C (pF) 75 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402NA014V0020 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0402 30 14VDC 0.05 C (pF) 50 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402NA018V0020 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0402 39 18VDC 0.045 C (pF) 45 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402NA006V0020 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0402 20 5.5VDC 0.2 C (pF) 200 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0402NA009V0020 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0402 23 9VDC 0.135 C (pF) 135 10000 10000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA014V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 30 14VDC 0.21 C (pF) 210 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA018V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 39 18VDC 0.16 C (pF) 160 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA022V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 44 22VDC 0.145 C (pF) 145 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA030V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 65 30VDC 0.11 C (pF) 110 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA038V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 77 38VDC 0.09 C (pF) 90 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA006V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 20 5.5VDC 0.36 C (pF) 360 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0603NA009V0030 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0603 23 9VDC 0.3 C (pF) 300 4000 4000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA011V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 25 11VDC 0.41 C (pF) 410 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA014V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 30 14VDC 0.35 C (pF) 350 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA022V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 44 22VDC 0.25 C (pF) 250 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA026V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 54 26VDC 0.22 C (pF) 220 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA030V0100 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 65 30VDC 0.2 C (pF) 200 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA045V0080 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 90 45VDC 0.11 C (pF) 110 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA006V0080 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 20 5.5VDC 1.4 C (pF) 1400 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y
MLV0805NA009V0080 MLV NA Series Normal Surge Protection 0805 23 9VDC 0.65 C (pF) 650 3000 3000 Active Tape and Reel Y

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